Pictured above is the Grand Prize Winning submission by Kathie Van Atta! Five Lattice window boxes with saddle mounts fitting snugly over her 2×6 deck rails. Congratulations Kathie!
And the winners are…
Our appreciation goes out to all of you who entered and voted on this year’s contest. We know the hard work was in selecting, planting and tending to your beautiful plants and we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share the fruits of your labor with us.

Since the contest began in July, your collective submissions have enjoyed over 7,000 visitors from 24 countries with over 40,000 photos being displayed in aggregate. Pretty impressive! As a reminder, there were really two different competitions – “People’s Choice” and “Designers Choice” – to see judging criteria and prizes go to the bottom of this email. To view each winner’s entry, simply click on their name in the sections below. Next week, we will post a consolidated page at WindowBoxcontest.com with all winners in one location. On with the show…



People’s Choice – Window Boxes on a Wall

Designers Choice – Window Box on a Wall

People’s Choice – Window Boxes on a Rail

Designers Choice – Window Box on a Rail

People’s Choice – Planters
Deck, Patio, Porches

Designers Choice – Planters
Deck, Patio, Porches

People’s Choice – Hanging Baskets

Designers Choice – Hanging Baskets
How entries were judged
The first completion is called the “People’s Choice”Contest where votes were collected from website viewers. We had a few instances of “ballot box stuffing” so we made adjustments to the vote counts (both positive and negative) to ensure the winners were recognized fairly. The second competition is called the “Designers Choice” competition where all entries were judged by a group of over 20 people who work and live inside the gardening/growing, window box, planter and hanging basket industry. These people span departments including customer service, design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, engineering, logistics and avid gardeners. All had ballots and all voted and even commented.
Prizes Awarded
Winners have been notified separately of their awards that included; gift certificates, live plant gifts from GivingPlants.com, Herb Growing Kits, Large Hanging Baskets with Fiberglass Liners and Hard and Soft-Cover books. All told over $2,000 in gifts and prizes!
Windowbox Contest 2010