The Princess of the Neighborhood, Before & After

Company bought from – Hooks & Lattice
Length of window boxes – (2) 36″ boxes and (1) 72″ box
Design of box – Coronado Premier

For years I have wanted window boxes on our small 1962 ranch. My husband, a carpenter, over the years had replaced every window in the house (except the front bay) with energy efficient windows. We talked about doing the siding but like the cobbler’s wife the carpenter’s wife is last to get the job done. For this reason I never got my flower boxes – “wait until we do the siding”!

This past winter, with the help of our son, also a carpenter, and some 15 years later – the siding was done. The three us worked on re-creating our 1962 ranch in to the cottage style home I always wanted. The bay window we had in the front was re-built as a box bay to accommodate the 72″ Coronado Premier flower box that was to be installed. Our son designed the box bay and constructed it out of AZEK Composite Cellular PVC, the same material as the window boxes. He cut v-grooves along the box to coordinate with the new front door and the window boxes. When the window boxes arrived they were painted with the same color as the siding used on the sides and back of the house. The boxes took the paint beautifully! Two 36″ Coronado Premier window boxes were installed on the other front windows. The installation was truly “easy up” with the cleat mounting system on each box.

The planting was done over Memorial Day weekend. New Guinea Impatiens, hanging Geraniums, Licorice, Marigolds, Verbena, “Watermelon” Coleus, Nemesia and Vinca Vine drape gracefully from my wonderful flower boxes.

Our plain, 1962 ranch style home is now a cottage style home! What made it so? A great siding job, new granite steps, artisan touches and of course, three wonderful, always wanted, flower boxes! One of our neighbors called our home “the princess of the neighborhood”. How cool is that?

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