Mother Nature’s Love

This summer was a very hard summer. I seem to be having bad luck on ever corner I turned. I planted my gardens late and did not have much time to care for them. I kept getting nice remarks on how they look.. i then realized it was not me that took care of these gardens it was Mother Nature.

Marvelous Mandevilla

This is and entranceway into an existing greenhouse on our property. We actually cut the greenhouse in half and converted it into a shed to house our pool equipment. We glued mirrors onto the door windows to give the illusion of more space. The inside window boxes consist mainly of germaniums and fern. We embellished the the entry with creeping mandevilla which we think helps make it look like a garden room. Disguising the actual function of hiding the unsightly pool pipes and valves! We are happy with the results.

More than Monet

My mother purchased this wrought iron container in Mexico many years ago. It has been sitting empty in the basement for years until this year when I added moss and planted impatiens and creeping jenny.

I planted impatiens and creeping jenny because I love the contrast between the dark lacy leaves of the impatiens and the creeping jenny.