Bursting with Blooms

When we moved into our new house 6 yrs. ago, one of the first things we purchased for it are the two stunning window boxes that underline our front windows of our ranch style home. They are each 5 ft. long, made of wrought iron and lined with copper boxes. Our Hooks and Lattice purchase looks stunning whether bursting with blooms or just standing alone in winter and early spring. This is the second year that I have planted Lantana and love the non-stop glowing colors. Our pup stands watch from this window, so she is captured in the photo, too. I enjoy my window box view from the outside, but also from the inside looking out. I can watch hummingbirds up close from inside; butterflies, too. Our window boxes make a strong statement and offer lots of curb appeal!

20130730_154246.jpg (316 KB)


My windowboxes are from Gardener’s supply filled with a special potting mix mixed with fertilizer.
The thrify tip I did this year is dividing the $5.99 Aldi hanging pots: total cost was $25.00. Lots of enjoyment for little cost!

Amy’s Flowers.

My window box is a 36″ wrought iron lined with moss. Inside i placed a big green fern flanked with green and pink calaldiums. For a trailer plant, I chose some ivy and a green ground covering. I love my planter . It accents the outside of my house as it is placed between two of my windows on the front of my house.

Patient Impatiens

This window box was on the wall outside the kitchen when I purchased the house, but there was nothing in it except for dirt. The creeping Jenny provides a wonderful contrast to the beautiful blooms and lacy leaves of the impatiens. They provide a lot of joy to our entire family!

Seeing Double

We purchased our window boxes several years ago online and I cannot remember where we got them. They are 30″ wide, white vinyl. My husband loves the way that they are installed. There are permanent brackets on the house and the boxes slide into place easily onto the brackets. I love doing different things in the boxes each year and have not duplicated yet. Some have been better than others for sure! Some plants seem to want to take over the entire box so I take care to keep the box hoarders cut back and this also helps the keep the boxes looking the same. I always take into consideration that the boxes face west, so whatever I put in them has to love full sun. One of my methods of choosing what to put in them is to always have a filler, spiller, and a thriller! I also like to decorate them for other seasons such as Halloween, fall, and Christmas once the summer flowers are gone.

Color the World

My Husband made my Window Box for Mother’s Day. God Bless Him. It is 9′ L x 10″ W. It is filled with Coral, Orange, White, and Red Painted Daisies, Yellow Bidens, White Bacopa, Lavender and Purple Osteospermum, and Varigated Vines. It has been a joy to watch the flowers grow…I have been told it is a bright spot on our corner.

Sunny Delight

This is the Laguna window box from Hooks and Lattice (30x8x8). These boxes have improved the “curb appeal” of our home tremendously! I like to plant colorful and contrasting plants – some tall, some medium height, and some dangling. This year I planted petunias, begonias, ornamental peppers, and creeping jenny. These window boxes make me smile, and I hope they brighten your day as well!