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Star-Spangled Summer

Two years ago we replaced smaller, wooden window boxes with three PVC window boxes from Hooks and Lattice, and the rest is history. ..

We live in a beach town on the south shore of Boston in a home my family has lived in for the past eighty years. Summer officially begins on our wrap around porch with a huge Fourth of July party where party goers, neighbors and passers by eagerly await and admire the burst of blooms from our amply sized three foot window boxes!

deluxe scroll flower box hooks and lattice

Beautiful 1896 Milwaukee Queen Anne

This Hooks and Lattice window box fit perfectly on the front porch railing of my 1896 Queen Anne I am restoring, 10 minutes from Lake Michigan. I bought two others that match it for the sides of porch as well. This photo was taken on the 4th of July, 2010. But I must say they have created a problem for me….I can’t even go outside to mow my front lawn because I ALWAYS get accosted by people telling me how beautiful these window boxes look!

Douglas purchased the Deluxe Scroll Window Boxes – Thanks for the photo!!

Entry Onto Property

Prior to purchasing our balcony boxes from Hooks and Lattice the entry onto our property was completely devoid of any color or life. Since installing the baskets, our residents are happier and our traffic flow onto the property has increased! Recently, an interested buyer was so impressed with the upkeep of the landscaping (i.e. planters) that he was astounded by our reasonable HOA fees. We have had multiple compliments since install. Thanks Hooks and Lattice!

South Mesa, Golden Colorado

Purchased four foot box on-line last year. We face the Coors Brewery and the “South Mesa” in Golden Colorado. The flowers, though a simple arrangement provide an interesting foreground for photography.

Note to editors, I have plenty of other versions, i.e. ones that show the entire box, or taken in direct sunlight conditions.

Urban Milwaukee Beauty

I purchases two copper window box planters from Hooks and Lattice to hang over the railing of our 5th floor historic tannery building condo in downtown Milwaukee. This is the second year I have had them on the balcony and now several of the other condo owners have followed suit and planted rail boxes of their own! The whole front of the condo looks beautiful now!