Window Boxes on a Rail – 2011

Window Box Oasis

My window boxes are my favorite hobby. I have decorated my deck railing with wrought iron window boxes to create a garden oasis. I love planting pansies in the fall for a splash of color. I use varigated plants for contrast. I live in North Carolina.

Fiberglass Supreme Window Boxes on a Patio Railing

I have attached two photos to be entered into the window box contest. My name is Andrew Johengen and I am the operations manager and designer for D.L. Moffett in Chicago, IL. These were very easy to install and have continued to provide an excellent space for annual color all year round. This photo shows two 72″ Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Boxes and three 60″ Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Boxes. In the window boxes we used Geraniums, Heuchera, Alternanthera, Petunias, Diascia, Verbena, and Helichrysum. The hanging baskets are Petunias. We wanted the planters to coordinate with outdoor space, specifically the orange cushions. We are very satisfied with Hooks & Lattice products and our client loved our designs and presentation. Please let me know when the submission has been accepted.

Roseanne’s Supreme Railing Box

Purchased from Hooks and Lattice, 72” Supreme Fiberglass Window Box for a rail.

This box is on the railing of our deck which is on the east side of our home. This planter receives about 4 hours of morning sun. The center spike is Red Star Cordyline . On each side of the spike is a Gryphon Begonia, followed by Posh White New Guinea Impatiens, followed by a Fuchsia Diva Red/White. Draped over the planter are 2 white Bacopa. I am very pleased with the dramatic effect of the foliage. The color of the red spike is repeated in the red stems and veining of the begonias. The white flowers provide a great contrast. I am very happy to see a shady spot can be so lovely.