Window Boxes on A Wall

Philadelphia Pride

My window boxes are made of wood. They are 36 1/2 inches long, 10 in. high and 12 in. deep. My son made these and I stained them the very dark red. I started with window boxes several years ago because it makes the house stand out and now my neighbors are doing the same thing with planters and boxes. I have tried other plants but I just love the way impatients look in them

Camp Window Box

I planted 4 of these window boxes in the front of the Main Dining Hall at a Summer Camp. All are identical with Dragon wing begonias, Boston fern, Bridal Veil, and Monkey Flowers. There are 2 4 foot boxes on each window that I purchased through Grandin Road.

Marvelous Minnesota Flower Boxes

Sue Seifert, I live in Victoria, MN. One of the boxes is 3″ and the other is 5″, The builder, Kerber Homes put them up before I purchased this unit, they told me to send you the pictures. The smaller 3′ box faces east and has a yellow Hibiscus and Red Mantraville, I think. The large 5″box faces south and has from left to right, a Mantraville, a Gerber Daisy, a red Hibiscus, some impatiens my grandson grew in preschool, a Gerber Daisey, a pink Mantraville type and a plant with little purple flowers that I can’t remember what it is. My adorable dog Harley is in the window all the time sunning himself. Love those boxes!!


[Sue has the French Cage by Hooks & Lattice]

Mix It Up

My window box was purchased at Hooks and Lattice. It is a metal 30″ Falling Water Window Box cage [with a coconut coir liner]. Originally I had three of these window boxes on the front of my house but added two more because they really added to the house’s curb appeal, were affordable, unique and easy to put up. Each year my mom and I try different plants in the boxes. This year we used a variety of different plants to display different textures and colors hoping to obtain an original eclectic look that engages viewers.

Summer Explosion

I purchased my window box several years ago online to add charm to the front of my home.  It measures 48″ long by 10 1/2″ high and 9 1/2″ wide.  Every year I try new combinations of flowers and greenery with different colors and textures.  This year I planted impatients and licorice plants with some polka-dot plants as accents. This year it grew beautifully and I am so very proud!