Presidential Window Box Splendor

Everyone loves our beautiful window boxes and planters from! Since we got our new steel-coated black barrel roof, we decided that our home could use a completely new look. We added the finishing touches to our home makeover with a total of ten Presidential black window boxes and many of the complementary Prestige tall black planters, all of which match our roof, shutters, and mailbox perfectly. In the window boxes and planters, we chose to put red, yellow, and orange double bloom impatiens with beautiful long ferns draping over the edges. We think the new additions have added so much beauty and character to our home. The increased curb appeal impressed our neighbors so much that many have stopped to compliment on our landscaping and ask where we purchased everything. We could not be happier with our purchases, and look forward to shopping at again in the future!



Kevin & Annette Klingel




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  1. Lauren says:

    Wow! I’m super impressed by how wonderful these look! It completely changes the look of the house and invites you to come closer and smell the flowers! Great job!


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