The Underappreciated Potential of Gardening Space

We had good friends from Michigan out this weekend and they asked if we had any of our window boxes on our house. Unfortunately, the only one we could show them was this six year old Prototype of our Fiberglass La Fleur window box. The next morning on July 1st, we received our 2012 Window Box contest email and we were inspired to try to redeem ourselves and enter the “Before and After” window box contest.

The Plan: Remove, wash off the cobwebs, paint and replant with Proven Winners flowers in time to be a contender in the “Before and After” 2012 Window Box Contest. I’ll be asking our friend Kerry Meyer at Proven Winners to help with an amazing recipe of new hybrid flowers.

Watch for updates!

Picture Taken: Carlsbad, Ca July 1st 2012 at 8am.

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