3 Ft. Fiberglass Supreme Window Box

Flowers have always been a source of joy and pleasure. Having a Charleston style house I was inspired into action a few years ago to have a planter box on our second floor porch. It is a wonderful place to sit and experience nature. The planter increases the curb appeal of our home. It enhances the porch with color and fragrant aromas. It is amazing how flowers can create a happy, welcoming place to spend many relaxing hours while experiencing nature close at hand. My challenge was and still is to keep plants in the planter that thrive in our southern afternoon heat! The window box reservoir was my perfect solution. This is also our guest garden as the porch is accessible from our guest suite. This summer I have chosen spikes, vinca, sweet potato vines (black & green), petunias, marigold and an unfamiliar yellow flower. I try to compliment the house colors for all my pots too. – Fiberglass Supreme Window Box

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