Marvelous Minnesota Flower Boxes

Sue Seifert, I live in Victoria, MN. One of the boxes is 3″ and the other is 5″, The builder, Kerber Homes put them up before I purchased this unit, they told me to send you the pictures. The smaller 3′ box faces east and has a yellow Hibiscus and Red Mantraville, I think. The large 5″box faces south and has from left to right, a Mantraville, a Gerber Daisy, a red Hibiscus, some impatiens my grandson grew in preschool, a Gerber Daisey, a pink Mantraville type and a plant with little purple flowers that I can’t remember what it is. My adorable dog Harley is in the window all the time sunning himself. Love those boxes!!


[Sue has the French Cage by Hooks & Lattice]

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